The Firm StepSTEP



Step is alright, I guess. I mean it’s fine if you like the type of class where the instructor occasionally wears costumes, and even when he’s not in costume he’s so unbelievably glamorous he looks like he’s from another planet. It’ll pass if you’re interested in the style of instructor who works so hard in class you think his skeleton is going to come apart. It’s okay if you are into the kind of scene that makes you feel like you’ve dropped acid and then been dropped into the center of a Broadway musical comedy about aerobics, directed by David LaChappelle and starring Gwen Stefani with choreography by Bob Fosse and Janet Jackson’s lovechild. It’ll do in a pinch for those who want to beg for mercy while they turn and twirl and feel pretty, oh so pretty. And kind of dirty.


But don’t take it from me. Take it from the people who have written about it, take it from the countless hotties with rock-hard thighs who come to every class and say that the hour flies by. Take it from the folks who come to class to see the costumes and antics and the dirty jokes, but stay for the butt-kicking workout, and leave drenched in sweat and laughing their asses off. You’ll wish your brain had TiVo, because about half the jokes will leave you asking, “Did he just say what I think he said?”